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What is RSS?


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows websites to "package" content in an XML document. Users, then, can subscribe to these RSS feeds via a news aggregators to receive updated news and multimedia content, automatically.

How to use RSS services?


To use RSS, you first need to install a news aggregator - this can be a standalone program, or an extension in your browser or mail client. Also, you need the link to the RSS feed you wish to subscribe to - on our site, these are represented by a button. Clicking the link should open the RSS feed in your aggregator if it is set as your default - otherwise, right-click the link and select "Copy Link Location" to copy the location of the RSS file. Open your news aggregator, and create a new RSS feed - pasting the copied link as the location. Once added, the RSS feed should update whenever you re-open it, or force it to update. As we add news bulletins, special announcements, and other active content, you'll automatically receive them in your news aggregator.

Links to RSS-compatible news aggregators


There are three main types of aggregators - standalone applications, plugins, and web-based. Depending on your computer and what RSS feeds you subscribe to, you might find one more beneficial than another.

Standalone Aggregators

Aggregator Plugins
Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird can all function as news aggregators. There are also a number of Firefox and Outlook plugins to add more functionality.

Web-Based Aggregators

A more complete list of news aggregators can be found on Wikipedia.